Father Bud and the staff at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish are aware that some visitors may have recently received messages that this site is “dangerous”. This is a message that your computer’s web browser generates to protect you from sites that may host unsafe or malicious content.

We know that our Parishioners may be concerned. We are also concerned and disappointed. But we are working to correct this problem by taking a number of actions – not all of which are yet complete.

First, we are now hosting this site on a new server that is being provided a different vendor. Microsoft is providing this through the Azure Cloud Computing Platform as a donation to the Parish. This change is already complete.

We are also working with a local consultant to ensure that the site is more secure in the future to help prevent any future issues. This vendor is updating this manually and so the site does not currently look like it did before or have the same functionality. The site will gradually become more familiar as our vendor adds back all of the pages. We are updating all of the “code” of the website to the latest versions and eliminating “plugins” that may have caused this site to become vulnerable to hackers.

Also, we want you to know that your personal records with the Parish are not stored on the website or the server system that powers it. There is no danger that any personal or confidential information was accessed by outside individuals or groups.

Search engines like Google scan websites and flag hacked or infected sites as “dangerous” to help alert home and business users. Criminal hackers break into websites and add dangerous content that could mislead you or even infect your computer. Most of the time, the parent organization is not immediately aware of the hack. Some estimates suggest that up to 30,000 websites are hacked each day!

We are also requesting that search engines like Google review our site to determine that there are no issues currently detected. This process does take time as these companies must review the site – sometimes manually – before removing the site from the flagged list.

Finally, our newly-formed Communications Committee (made up of parishioner volunteers) will be updating and maintaining the site once we have everything back to normal. Browsing this site or checking back on our update progress is now safe for you to do from computer or other internet devices. However, if you have any concerns, please contact the Parish office.


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