Christmas Eve – Monday, December 24

  • 4:00PM SMOS
  • 4:00PM SSJ
  • 4:30PM SEAS
  • 6:00PM SSJ
  • 10:00PM SMOS
  • Midnight SEAS

Christmas Day – Tuesday, December 25

  • 8:00AM SSJ
  • 10:00AM SMOS
  • 11:00AM SSJ
  • 11:30AM SEAS

SEAS-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
SSJ- SS Simon & Jude
SMOS- St. Margaret of Scotland

A Note from Fr. Grecco

The Mass schedule for the Christmas solemnity is heavily based on the count made at each of the churches last Christmas. Those numbers are printed here. Besides the number of attendees, parking and seating capacity, the availability of musicians was kept in mind. Additionally, the diocese expects 50% capacity for each scheduled mass and the size of our buildings varies greatly. As with the INTERIM weekend schedule, this schedule will also be a trial run. Chances are good that it will not be the same next year.

The priests are restricted to three masses (including the evening anticipated). Given the number of priests available this year, the schedule is as shown above. I am aware that not everyone will be content. It is necessary to remember that in the coming years there will be fewer priests available. Please note that each of the parishes has maintained at least two of their former schedule.

—–Father Grecco

Church 2017 Mass Time 2017 Mass time count   2018 Mass Time
SEAS 4:00PM 550 12/24 4:30PM
SEAS 6:00PM 158
SEAS 10:00PM 288
SEAS 7:30AM 117
SEAS 9:30AM 104
SEAS 11:30AM 191 12/25 11:30AM
SEAS 12:00 AM 341 12/25 12:00AM  Midnight
TOTAL   1746    
SSJ 4:00PM 1123 12/24 4:00PM
SSJ 6:00PM 385 12/24 6:00 PM
SSJ 11:30AM 335 12/25 8:00AM
SSJ 12:00AM 186 12/25 11:00AM
TOTAL   2029    
SMOS 4:00PM 732 12/24 4:00PM
SMOS 10:00PM 413 12/24 10:00PM
SMOS 10:00AM 247 12/25 10:00AM
SMOS 12:15PM 229
TOTAL   1621