Grouping 210 is embracing Living Room Church, a ministry devoted to getting to know God and each other through the New Testament.

At St. Margaret’s, we have a group that started the Gospel according to St. Mark on Oct. 31 at 10 AM and they’ll meet three Wednesdays a month for about 8 weeks.

It’s not a class, not a lecture, but a place where people wanting to learn more can come together!

  • We have groups in the morning and evening every week day.
  • We have afternoon groups throughout the week as well.
  • On Thursday morning, one of our wonderful deacons leads a group studying Romans.
  • Saturday morning, we have a men’s fellowship group and a women’s fellowship group.

Come encounter The Truth in one of our Living Room Churches!

Contact Bonnie at 412-563-3189, ext. 224 or email